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Wedding U by DéJavē is designed to help every day couples plan the wedding of their dreams while focusing on building a better relationship through communiation . With 25 plus years of wedding consulting experience, DéJavē Extraordinaire, LLC has learned that engaged couples often place a lot of emphasis on the "wedding" but not on the "marriage".  Our focus is on the survival of the marriage after the wedding is over.  We strive to accomplish this by conducting virtual sessions with engaged couples that stress the importance of communication while having fun with the planning process.  Our hope is that all participants will acquire some knowledge, tool or tip during the seession that may be useful in their marriage.  Our mantra is "Your wedding is a one day special event but we want your marriage to be a lifetime!"



Certified Wedding Planner, Association of Bridal Consultants

Event & Meeting Planning Certificate, Clayton State University



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